Reluctant Traveller

I like to travel.

Let me clarify that.

I like to see new things and eat foods in far away places and generally look around. But I am a reluctant traveller.

What happens when a type-A, paranoia infused, shy, self-concious girl like me goes travelling? Well, it goes something like this. . . .

A fabulous idea pops in my head. I will go on vacation! Yes! Vacation! Now where to? Hmmm. I will visit Allan! Yes! Allan in Switzerland! Rocking good idea, he speaks French and can order all my food for me! I buy ticket. I get passport renewed. I start to think about what to pack. Day before the journey, I panic! I hate the ‘getting there’ part! I will have to check in 2 hours early. What if my luggage is seized for some insane reason I didn’t know about? Don’t be ridiculous. You’re luggage won’t be seized. Gads! I have a four hour layover in Frankfurt! What am I going to do for four hours! Okay, it’s okay. You will buy a coffee and read a book. Buy a coffee! I don’t speak German!! Breathe, breathe, it’s the airport, they will speak english. OMG, I’m an annoying English speaking person who travels the world assuming that everyone will speak her language. I have to cancel! Cancel! I can’t go! I’m too nervous! Can’t cancel, ticket paid for and non-refundable. What will you tell friends, family, co-workers?? That you bought a ticket to Europe and chickened out? No, must go! Will have good time. Get to Geneva, hang out with Allan. He wants to take 8pm train. Will we make it? No! Of course not! But he has to try! We don’t make it. Decide to take train next morning. Go to small French town. What a pretty sight. Oh no! I have no French Francs! Only have Swiss Francs! Feel guilty mooching off Allan even though I am writing it all down so I can pay him back! Back in Geneva. Hmm should go out. Scared! French not so good! Dammit! Did not come all the way over here to hang out in apartment. Book tour of Lac Leman. Go. Get horrendously lost. Get found. Make bus just in time. Have good time. Learn lots, see lots. Eat crepes on lake side. Book tour of Swiss countryside. Go. Have good time. Learn lots, see lots, have glass of wine. Maybe stay in and watch a movie? No! Go out! Do something! And don’t be afraid to buy lunch! Go to United Nations. Shop. Won’t get lost again, won’t get lost again. Can figure out transit now. Orient self by the Starbucks. You can’t get lost as long as you know where the Starbucks is. Get stuck in rain. See fabulous Swiss garden when sun comes out. Time to go home. GADS AGAIN! Four hour layover in Frankfurt! Four hour layover in Toronto! What to do? What if my luggage gets seized? Where is my passport? Did I forget anything? Okay, okay. Luggage will not get seized. Passport is in front pocket as always. You have your packing list and it is complete. All is fine. Panic, panic. Will be fine. Am going home.

Get home and recollect that I had a fabulous trip! Panic forgotten. Anxiety gone. Pics turned out great. Have cool stories and souvenirs. It’s the same everytime I go somewhere.


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