Yes, it’s true, I read trash fiction!

So, I figure my brain gets a pretty good workout during the day. I have a job in a field where I don’t actually have a degree (degree = math, job = history) so I figure my noodle is working fairly hard all day. I prefer to write fiction in my spare time, but while I’m on the clock, it’s non-fiction only (spare time = coven full of witches, job = factual responses). So the old noggin is chuggin away.

Which is why when I come home and finally set aside some me time to read, I enjoy easy reads and the occasional good pile of trash!

My name is Margarita, and I am a trash fiction junkie.

I do have some criteria. It must be a fast read. No gigantic sized words that send me running to mirriam-webster. And while I’ll put up with a lot of silly plots, I cannot stand big plot holes. My characters must be charming, relatively intelligent and outrageously fashionable. I read historical [and I use that term quite loosely] romances, contemporary sci fi [once in a while] and I’m a sucker for a gruesome crime novel with a strong female lead. I have my favourite authors and I wait not-so-patiently for their next books to come out, at which point I run down to Chapters, find out that it’s not in the store yet [despite the fact that it was released a week ago] and then run home and order it from [but that’s a whole other blog!]

I will not read a book if it’s currently on Oprah or the ‘it’ book to read. I scoff at ‘it’ books. Da Vinci code, suck it. I’ve no interest in you. You are highly recommended by the general public who I consider to be full of brainless boobs. You did not make the cut. Oprah, you tend to pick books with a ‘deep message’ and frankly, I don’t need you to teach my life lessons. You are off the list.

I fully admit that what I read would generally be considered trash, but I love it. So shut it. At least I can read which is more than I can for some of my age-group.

Gita’s Faves – In no order
1. Kelley Armstrong and her Women of the Underworld Series – Strong heroines, werewolves, witches and snappy dialogue. Love this woman.
2. Charlaine Harris and her Southern Vampires – Mind reader/Bar Waitress Sookie Stackhouse and her vampire friends. A hysterical series. Love it.
3. Tess Gerritsen – Well written, thought out crime novels. Good characters. Page turner every time.
5. Kim Harrison – These ones are only for you if you like more fantasy stuff like fairies and elves, only they live in today’s world. Entertaining reads.
6. Kay Hooper – For all you fans of psychics, esp and the paranormal. Her earlier stuff has less of it and is fabulous too. I recommend ‘Finding Laura.’
7. Jayne Anne Krentz/Amanda Quick – Same author, different names. One for contemporary romance, one for historical. Her books are all pretty similar, but hey, if it ain’t broke. . .
8. Laurel K. Hamilton – This one comes with a disclaimer. Stop after Blue Moon. It goes downhill from there. Don’t be tempted by misleading synopses. Anita will never choose between Jean-Claude and Richard. She’ll only add more boy-toys to the mix and you’ll be disgusted with her.
9. Iris Johansen – Reliable Author. Good plots. Good characters.
10. Christina Dodd – Romance Novels
11. Lisa Kleypas – Romance Novels


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