Satan has a new one-stop shop!

Hello my lovelies! I am here to corrupt your bodies with sugary goodness. Tommorrow is Jenge’s birthday and ever since I brought her her first cupcake from Crave we have been obsessed with it. So sweet. So dense. So irrestible. Jenge decided to get her birthday cake from Crave and I picked it up this morning. The box was nice and heavy, the way you want cake to be because then you know it will be dense with TONS of icing. I took a peek and saw mounds of pink fluffy icing, yum! We got cupcakes for Easter Dinner too. These cupcakes are so good. They must have LSD in them because I think I’m having a flashback right now! Walking into the store, inhaling and getting a snootful of cake, happy little cupcakes lined up on display. Little food is alwasy cute (that’s why hors d’oeuvres are always such a big hit) and as a minature cake, cup cakes are no exception. Crave even has mini cupcakes (which I guess technically would be a mini mini cake!). Now, I have heard some people say that these cupcakes are too pricey. Well to those I say, “Shut your cake hole and go by a dozen cookies at Costco if you want. I want my cupcake!”


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