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Persuasion (1995) staring Amanda Root and Ciaran Hinds

8 years prior to the opening sequence, Anne was persuaded by a close friend to turn down the offer of marriage from Captain Frederick Wentworth. At the time, Wentworth had no prospects and poor family connections and despite the fact that Anne loved him she allowed herself to be persuaded to decline his offer of marriage.

Now, 8 years later, Wentworth is a Captain in the Royal Navy and quite distinguished. Anne, is still the quiet, overlooked memeber of her family. Will she have to stand by and watch as Wentworth courts another woman? Will she herself be courted by her cousin William? What are Williams motives, if any? Could he love Anne? Does Captain Wentworth despise her for her rejection? Did she make the biggest mistake of her life? Is it too late?

Persuasion is like Pride and Prejudice’s forgotten step-sibling. Just as good, if not better at times, but consistently overlooked. It’s a great movie for curing up in front of the TV on a gloomy day. Sit with your favourite blanket, a fire in the fireplace, a cup of coffee and get lost in another era. You’ve got all the Jane Austen staples – lovers thwarted, nefarious scoundrels, poor families tossed out of their house, annoying family members all mixed up and trying to get by under society’s strict rules of propriety. It’s totally worth viewing.


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  1. Heidi

    I love this movie – excellent choice. It is not the easiest movie to find, but very addictive. I had taped it off of A & E a few years ago and somehow it got taped over – damn VCR’s. I find I go to grab it all the time and then remember it is taped over – sigh.

  2. Anonymous

    Heidi, you can buy persuasion on dvd at margarita you may want to buy the scarlet pimpernal (don’t know if that is spelt right) on dvd as well. Just don’t let portia near it.

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