Blog Dog: A Post by Portia

Seeing as my mother, Mummy Margarita sees fit to put my dirty laundry up on the web (mmmmmmm dirty landry) I thought it was high time I had a post of my own to tell you how things really are around here.

You see what I’m lying on in this picture? This is Mummy’s bed. Look how comfy! How cozy! She has six pillows and a heated blanket! Do I get a queen size bed like this? NO! I’m forced to share with her, getting only a small corner of the bed, unless I take my sleeping elsewhere. In which case I either have to sleep on the couch (yes, sad but true!) or sometimes even the hard floor (although the hardwood does get warmed up by the sun and sometimes you can find a nice hot spot and zone out for hours).

Mummy treats herself once a week to McDonald’s but am I allowed to order anything? NO! I have to wait for the bag to be emptied when Rocky and I get to share the fries that fell out of their carton. Imagine, sharing with the Sock! Oh, the humiliation.

And while I’m on the subject of food, it’s kibble for breakfast, kibble for dinner, kibble for a treat. Do I ever get a nice T-Bone steak? Okay, once at my grandparents house I got a bone, but I had to eat it outside. Grandma said I was fine out there as it was 20 degrees and sunny, but let me tell you! Eating outside is for savages!

Mummy drinks coffee every morning. I only get water. And sure, she cleans the water bowl every day to make sure it’s fresh but nothing tastes as good as a beverage that isn’t yours. Which is why I drink exclusively from Rocky’s bowl. I don’t even care when Mummy puts ice cubes in my bowl for a treat. It’s the Sock’s bowl or BUST!

She makes me pose for ridiculous pictures which she then takes and does something called ‘scrapbooking.’ I had to pretend to read a magazine once and then she thought it would be funny if I looked like I was drinking Starbucks coffee. But I’ll let you in on the dirty little secret! The cup was empty! I only got to lick the milk bubbles.

And once I got a hold of some yummy smelling yarn and I got in trouble! I mean, it was lying around on the counter, not doing anything. How was I to know she was making a blanket with it?

And the time I ate the remote, well I was only trying to turn the tv on. They leave it off when they go out. What’s a dog to do to pass the time?

She tells everyone stories about me. Embellishing them to make her sound like the hero. I was feeling under the weather a couple of times, and she took me to the vet. Big deal. If I could drive a car, I woulda taken myself! She says she cleans up after me, but really, it’s the other way around. She leaves things lying on the counter all the time and it’s my job to jump up and get it. To show her how messy she is. I will then rip it to pieces to teach her a lesson. You can’t just leave your stuff out!

I mean, I guess she’s okay. Sometimes she buys me special bones. And with her long nails, no one gives a back scratch like her. Or sometimes I will stand next to her, because I am feeling lonely, and she will pat my head and tell me I’m a good dog, scratching that one place behind my ears that I can’t reach.

But if she puts another sweater on me, I’m outta here!


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    grandma and the sock want no DEMAND rebuttal time.

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