Damn you, Cadbury, Damn you!!

Tis the season where I face my greatest challenge in the battle of the bulge. Cadbury mini eggs. OMG, they are soooooooo good. I actually had a discussion about them last night with Donna. While I thought it was just the crunchy goodness of them, Donna made me realize it’s also their chewy texture and meltability. I’ve tried other chocolates, and nothing compares. I’m not even that much of a choco-holic. I could go days, weeks, without thinking about chocolate except those darn mini-eggs. Jenge bought a jumbo bag a couple of weeks back and I could not pass by without reaching in for a handful of chocolately goodness. So good! We finanlly decided that the mini bag of mini eggs is all we are allowed! The jumbo bag is too tempting! So now I limit myself to a mini bag a week. So yummy, so chewy, with just that extra but of crunch, mmmmmmmmmm. Cadbury, you are my nemisis! Mortal enemy! But like all great enemies, we have a complex bond of love and hate too intricate to unravel. I love you, I hate you. Damn you, Cadbury, Damn you!!


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  1. Dog Phace Blue Hand

    Consider Maureen Dowd’s thoughts on the subject. Consider also the pedestrian yet real pleasures of plain M&Ms.

  2. Donna

    Sorry dog phace, M&M’s don’t even come close! Sure, they melt in your mouth not in your hands, but they obviously don’t have that same addictive ingredient that is in the mini eggs. Cause I have often been able to eat just a few M&M’s, but like Gita, I can’t walk by the mini egg bag without reaching in for a handful. That’s why I don’t buy them anymore. Evil.

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