The Great Divide. . .

So, I was watching What Not To Wear last week (the America version, not the UK one, don’t hate me Heidi!) and afterward they had another show on, What Not To Underwear. So, being the TV junkie I am, I stayed tuned. They took 3 women (regular sized women with regular issues – not size 2 women) and helped them change their underwear shopping habits. One woman was 34 and had never owned an honest-to-goodness bra. Now, I already knew that 85% of women were wearing the wrong size bra. I myself was one of them until this time last year when I took myself to a bona fide lingerie store and got fitted. Turns out that I’ve been wearing the wrong size since junior high (the last time I was fitted, lol). No wonder I could never find one I truly loved!

But I digress. . . One of these women had never owned a pair of thong underwear, to which I sympathized, myself being a thong virgin. But at the end of the show, she completely (!) turned around and swore off regular underwear forever. She had been stalwart in her refusal to try one, but then became a champion of thongs. This I could totally relate to, myself being quite stubborn in my refusal to try one. But after seeing her, I thought I would give it a go.

So I went to Sears, (where frankly, I get alot of stuff. Honestly the stuff at those Mall lingerie stores is soooooooo cheap it falls apart after 2 washes) and invested in a pair of thong underwear. I came home and informed my younger sister, Jenge, who, to my complete surprised, fessed up that she too had tried this before. But she said, apparently she had the wrong kind. Wrong kind! I repeated. There’s a right and a wrong kind?? She nodded and told me that someone had told her that there was indeed good and bad thong underwear.
“Well, what’s good underwear then?”
She shrugged, “I never asked. Didn’t really feel like I had to know.”

So I went to the most reliable source you will ever find on all things girly girly and female. My nail tech, Amanda. Seriously, if you ever need to take an unofficial poll or find out something or see if anyone else has the same problem as you, ask a nail tech. Their clients are all women, they talk to them for an hour at a time, and get to know them quite well. I’ve been seeing Amanda for at least 5 years I think. She probably knows more about me than you will ever, and knows just as much about her other clients. So I brought this up with her. And yes, she tells me, there are good thongs and bad thongs. She explained it all to me (I won’t go into detail here as I don’t want to get shut down by the blogger police, but suffice to say, simple underwear is better!).

But, I had already purchased a pair from Sears. So I’m stuck with what I got, and today was D-Day. So what’s the verdict? Well, after trying to get them into a comfortable placement I finally gave up after 2 minutes and decided there really wasn’t a comfortable placement. That being said, it’s not all that bad, but it’s not all that great either. I’m definately aware of them. Perhaps this will go away. Perhaps I need to try a few more. I guess I was wearing the wrong bra for years and was uncomfortable but that didn’t stop me from wearing a bra. And now, I have the right bra and it’s GREAT! So I guess I should give this the old college try. I’ll let you know how it goes.

I’ll give a big shout out to my mum who said she didn’t mind if I blogged about my undies. Thanks, Mum!!


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  1. Newfie

    The great divide assists in the great sexual experience. Us newfies always wonder if those “tongs” are used to take stakes of the bbq or as fancy panties. Those great divides are not that bad. I am not sure what you are squirrelling about or should I say squirming about.

  2. Anonymous

    Just when I thought I knew it all I find out I need a course on thong etiquette. It explains why I could not get used to the ones I bought-they were cheap and quite unpleasant to have up mu butt!!!

  3. Anonymous

    All those great blogs and I get inserted into a thong story.Perchance a Freudian Slip???

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