What do you mean, it’s not about me!!??!!

So, while I was at the vet last week, I brought up another thing about Portia-cakes that has been irking me. At bed time, she doesn’t want to come into my room to sleep with me, she wants to go into mummy Jenge’s room. She waits outside the door and cries, it’s the saddest thing you’ve ever heard! But Jenge says it’s impossible to sleep with both Rocky and Portia on her bed as they are both space hogs. So, no Portias allowed! But it’s so SAD! I tell her, it’s okay Portia, Mummy Margarita is having a party and they aren’t invited! But no, she lays down outside Jenge’s door and sighs……. Oh, the drama.

So I asked my vet, what is this all about? Why is mummy Jenge the star? What about me?? And my vet gave me the most SHOCKING news ever!!

It’s not about me.

It’s about the Sock! (Rocky)

Portia is a malamute, and they are pack oriented. They want to be where the party is!! Safety in numbers, who’s got your six and all that jazz. Rocky, however, is a sheltie, and being bred for sheepherding in the lonely Scottish highlands, you didn’t care about a pack. You only cared about your master(or in Rocky’s case, his mistress). It was that or the sheep. And you DIDN’T make friends with the sheep. Sheep are dumb! Sheep can’t even look out for themselves, they aren’t going to look out for you!

Portia won’t come into my room, because I am Alpha dog (Yeah, that’s right, I’m top of the food chain, baby!) and Alpha dog sleeps alone (although sometimes she does sneak in for a few hours). Sniff, but it’s lonely at the top! I feel like the girl at the party that no one wants to dance with!

So even though, technically, it’s not about me, I still feel like I just lost the dumbest popularity contest EVER!!



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  1. Anonymous

    All the big stars know its lonely at the top.

  2. Heidi

    First Rocky has only his woobie to dominate, now he is the man everyone wants to know.

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