Knit Happens!

So in addition to scrapbooking, I have also recently taken up knitting. It occurs to me, that I can never just ease into a hobby. I must know everything I can! Buy books! Magazines! Supplies!! As you know, my paper fetish is well out of control (although recently I went to the scrapbooking store and only spent 6 bucks! Unheard of!)

The same is proving true for knitting. I started off my making a scarf for Portia (which she never wears, I mean really, she is a malamute and hardly in need of a scarf). Then I made a scarf for me, one for Donna, one for Amanda (my nail tech) and one for my older sister, Ann. Then I tackled my first big project, doggy sweater. I figured I needed more practice and since I was a beginner, chances were it wasn’t going to be perfect, but Portia wouldn’t care. Portia is now the not-so-proud owner of an ill-fitting but lovingly made turtleneck.

My other projects right now are a cape and what I call ‘The Ugly Blanket.’ The ugly blanket is going to be an amalgamation of different squares made with yarns of different colors and textures. The goal – make it as UGLY, yet incredibly fascinating and touchable as possible. Plus it’s great when you only want to do a little knitting, you just whip up a square in whatever kind of yarn you like.

So now I have a yarn fetish too. Like some sort of strange yarn pervert, I slink into craft/hobby stores and stare at walls upon walls of yarn, reaching out and touching some, feeling the weight, wondering what I could make of it. I joined a yahoo group for knitters in my area too, and I’m glad to see, I’m not alone! Plus reading the posts gave me TONS of new websites to troll for my next yarn fix.

When I told Donna I really liked knitting she just gave me a sympathetic head tilt and said something along the lines of, ‘But of course you do.’ She knows she’s even less likely to get me out of the house now! But I like it. It’s very relaxing and strangely hypnotic. Like meditation. Only you don’t have to chant (I mean, I guess you could chant if you wanted to, but then people would really stare!).

So I continue to happily knit away. Don’t be surprised if you get a scarf for your birthday!


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