The Nose Knows, part Deux. . . . (or IT’S NOT A TUMOR!!)
This is a before picture of her nose – when it was all black!

So I just got back from the vet and she said that it may just be a bacterial infection but we can’t know for sure without doing a biopsy on Portia’s nose. (!!) So, we treat it as if it were a bacterial infection and then wait to see what happens. Dose of antibiotics in the morning, dose of antibiotics at night, wash food bowls in dishwasher daily.

If it’s not a bacterial infection, then in is an auto-immune system disorder and this is how it starts before their ‘faces start to fall off’ (and that’s a direct quote!!) I guess the skin starts to peel quite dramatically because the body is attacking it!!

Who knew a pink nose could be the sign of something so terribly nefarious!! At first I thought it was so cute. Oh, look, her nose is turning pink! Little pink nose!! How darling!

And now it’s like a ticking time bomb sitting on her face. We just have to wait and see. . .
WHO KNEW!! Cross your paws for Portia!!


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  1. Ann

    Poor Portia, hopefully she just has a bacterial infection.

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