Bellyachers and Bee-atchers!!

So my office is being slightly renovated right now and let me tell you! The bellyaching coming from these constructions workers is UNBELIEVABLE!!

There was bellyaching for 40 minutes about the fact that the alarm guy put the wire into the little gap between the old wall and the new wall. So what? You still have to apply the same amount of plaster no matter what is stuck in there. Why do you care? It’s not your wall. You won’t have to worry if we ever need to get it out. You don’t work here. In fact you are not currently trying to do your job with people you don’t know talking to one another and bringing in ladders and playing bad music on their radio!!

I totally think if anyone should be bee-ataching it’s me!!

OMG and then his friend called him on the phone and he bee-atched to him! And then another guy came in and the story started all over from the beginning. The entire time he was taping and plastering the wall it was long-pronounced-drawnout-woe-is-me sigh after sigh.

Everyone but me seemed to think that they were working pretty fast, but I disagreed wholeheartedly. I don’t think it should take an entire two days to put up a wall 7 ft wide and then put on one coat of plaster. My dad drywalled and plastered a bigger area in my basement in one day! By himself!! And he’s 65!! And if you’ve seen him work, you know he shuffles! And he’s got the shakes! (And before you call the Senior Police on me, I DID NOT make him work the whole day, ask my mother, it’s impossible to stop that man.)

I can’t believe this garbage! You shoulda heard it. And then it was time for a coffee break, and then it was lunch, and they just come in and out of the office without even looking at me. They have yet to introduce themselves. Rude!

And I had a headache (which is unusual for me, quite frankly. I’m very lucky, I only get headaches due to neck muscle tension). But they were nailing into concrete! Ever tried to work while that’s going on??

And the wall was supposed to go up past the ceiling for security purposes. Well! You shoulda heard the bellyaching about that. Mr. ‘I can’t believe this wire is in the wall’ was going on and on about how hard it was for his buddy to put that wall there.

Excuse me, is this your job or not?? And if it is your job, shut it. Because my job right now is to get another 100 files into the database and then try to write my very first report about it. And then the contractors stood in the hallway and had a half hour conversation about how they didn’t feel like working anymore because it was Friday.

It was 2:30pm! And I did feel like working, in fact, that was my whole purpose when I got up this morning, got dressed and came to W-O-R-K. Crazy me! But you know, I’m squirrelly like that!


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  1. Ann

    I’m calling the Senior police on you anyways you slave driver!

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