The Best Show on TV You’re Not Watching!

So I just finished my fave Saturday night activity – Battlestar Galactica!! (BSG)And if you’re not watching this show, you are missing out!! Now I know what you are saying to the computer screen right now. You’re saying, ‘Squirrelly Girly, I am NOT A Sci Fi geek!! I don’ t watch shows about robots and space ships!!’ But I am telling you, this show is not about robots and space ships! This show is about people! Robots and space ships optional!

Honestly, the writing and storylines are SO GOOD you could take out the Cylons (the Bad Guys for you non-BSG watchers) and sub in any other bad guys. You like Nazis? You could sub them in. You like secret government Malvolios? Sub ’em in! You could take out the space ships and just sub in any old army stuff (although you would lose TONS of cool Viper Fight scenes!!)

Plus, it’s got Edward James Olmos as Cmdr Adama! C’mon!! You gotta love Edward James Olmos!!

Normally, I can’t reccomend any shows I watch on space to other people because there is too much jargon, or spacey things going on, (flashback to Wednesday night when I had Donna over to watch Stargate SG-1 because her cousin had a part and she didn’t even know what a cloaking device was!! Can you believe it!!) but this show is chock full of political intrigue! Complex human relationships!! Moral dilemmas!

If you are not lucky enough to have the SCI-FI channel, you can catch BSG Saturday nights at 6pm (MST) and then again at Midnight. We’re behind the US airings, but if you simply can’t wait you can read the episode synopsis at scifi (link above). Even Jenge sat down at watched it! And I can’t even get her past the opening sequense of SG-1.


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  1. Donna

    If I don’t watch shows/movies like Stargate, Star Trek, Star Wars, Battlestar Gallactica (someone needs to think up a more original title that doesn’t contain the word “star”), then how the hell would I know what a freaking cloaking device is? It’s just further proof that I’m not a geek…

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