Memory troubles

I’ve got a weird memory. And if you look at the stuff I remember vs. the stuff I forget it’s a crazy combo. Some things, it’s pretty easy to guess why I remember what I don’t vs. what I don’t. Exhibit A – I will ALWAYS remember exactly how much I paid Mastercard and in my head I’ve got my balance all figured out. Then WHAM!! The bill arrives and all the s*&% I’ve charged up? Completely outta my head. I’m like, WHAT??!! Why are you not at ZERO yet? You fascist bastards! This is total BS. I say FRAUD. I didn’t go to Jack Astor’s! Oh wait, was that when Donna came back from Montreal? Okay, I’ll give you that one. What the hell is this? Virus Subscription?? Oh, right. McAffee emailed me that I was auto renewed. Bull and Finch? Wait, wait I’m having a nacho flash back. But where the hell was on on March 3rd that I used my credit card? Hang on. . . . MALL I was at the mall buying gifs.

Okay, so you’re not fascist bastarts. This time. Ooooooooooohhhhhhhh but just you wait Mastercard, just you wait, one of these months you’re going to zero out, bad boy!!

So, weird memory combo – The database I’m working on at work has 522 entries in it right now. If you quizzed me right now, I could prolly list off almost 400 of them (freaky no?). Another database at work has over 7000 entries in it and if you tell me the details of a document you want to find, I will tell you the number range it’s in. I can also name all the employees of several government departments from the 1880’s onward till about 1920.

Now quick, what did I wear to work today? ummmmmmmmm, I’d have to check the floor of my bedroom.

I’m AWESOME at Name that Tune. Just ask Donna. Name a movie star I will tell you the movies they have been in. Read a good book lately? If I’ve read it, I can sum it up for you in two minutes or less. If I watch a tv show, I can give you a detailed synopsis complete with dialogue snippets and wardrobe commentary two weeks from the air date.

Quick question – where are my keys?? huh, coulda sworn I left them on the counter. . . .

Not only do I double book myself because my memory fails me, I’ve actually triple booked myself before. Had no clue!! Jengie actually told me that I had already made other plans. Twice!

But if you want to know the complete mathematical proof for proving that if a series has a limit, then that limit is unique, I’m your gal!!

I don’t have a daytimer, I kept forgetting it at home. So I keep all my appointments in my head, or written down on cards in my wallet. At work, I am queen of the post-it note. I write down obscure notes and stick it on my monitor. I generally have about 7 of them up there at a time, ranging from ‘Sit up!’ (posture reminder) to ‘Ctrl+pageUp’ (to flip between tabs in Excel) to ‘Thurday is Plant Day!’ (to water plants).

But I can remember that the current play count for ‘The Ghost of You’ on my iPod is 91. And I know my airmiles number and my bank card number. Plus I can recite nearly the entire coffee manual from Starbucks (Verona is 20% Italian Roast for added sweetness, Kenya is a medium bodied fruity coffee, and Ethiopia Sidamo has a crisp, lemony finish).



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  1. Heidi

    You need a Treo that is what I have then i have my appointments and messages all in one place. Plus it beeps (not a pussycat doll type of beep) when you are supposed to do something. Mark calls this cyber-nagging, but it works!

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