Weighty matters. . . .

So I’m on the JC (Jenny Craig) and it’s been going pretty well. I just had weigh in today and I’m doing well (down 9lbs so far). I’ve tried WW (Weight Watchers) before too and while it was a great program, I hate to cook and will avoid it at any cost. So, while on WW I generally had about 4 things I would be willing to make and then I would live off of that for months. But on JC I get lots of different stuff and I never have to worry about what I’m going to have for supper or lunch, someone already planned that for me. Which is fabulous, because generally I would skip lunch because it was too much of a hassle to think of something to bring.

I also need the weigh-ins to stay on track. Before, if I didn’t have to weigh in I wouldn’t think about what I was eating, no one was going to check up on me, after all, and the next thing you know, you’re starting to wonder if the washing machine is doing something funky to your clothes, and making them all smaller! Oh the lies we tell ourselves! I must have put these jeans in the dryer, that’s why they are so tight, this shirt must have shrunk which is why it doesn’t cover my belly anymore. Keebler Elves have been secretly sneaking into my room at night and tailoring my clothes!!

So it’s going pretty well. If you’ve ever struggled with your weight, you know how it seems to color every facet of your life. I sometimes still get worried going to the mall to buy runners because I worry that the people in the shoe store will think, “Why is that fat girl here buying running shoes, clearly, she doesn’t work out!” Or you try on one pair of pants that doesn’t fit and your entire day is RUINED!! So it’s a work in progress.

Technically, now that I’ve lost the 9 lbs, I’m not even overweight anymore. I’m just in the range for a healthy BMI. But as I’ve always maintained, fat is a state of mind. And figuring out how to get your insides to match your outsides is WAY HARDER than figuring out what to eat and how much of it you need. The best advice I have is to ask a trusted friend or family member what they think about your weight. They will be honest and even though, sometimes, the truth hurts, they will be WAY more sensitive and kind about it than you WILL EVER BE to yourself. Because, let’s face it, you say things to yourself that you WOULD NEVER say to someone you cared about.

So if you’re feeling chumby (as my Aunt Doxa would say), cut yourself a little slack and then find a program that works for you. And I always remind myself that I didn’t gain the weight fast (it sorta snuck up on me – Surprise!! There’s five more pounds attached to my A##!) so it’ll take some time to come off.

But meanwhile, I am changing my locks just in case the Keebler elves were tightening my clothes!! Damn Cookie Hobbits!!


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