Scary Fridge Day

Ah! Scary Fridge Day! Scary Fridge Day is the day I decide to clean out the fridge, pitch what I can’t identify, clean out the tupperware, and decide if I ever will use all those half full salad dressing containers. I would say it was the worst day of the week, but let’s be honest, I don’t clean my fridge out once a week, and I would say it’s the worst day of the month, but I don’t even do it that often (Sorry, Mum!!). Scary Fridge day is decided by how long it takes me to become fed up with pushing stuff around to make room for more diet pop, or until the smell becomes really noticeable. Whichever comes first. Why do I wait so long? Is it because I’m a procrastinator with a bad memory? Am I secretly hoping in vain someone else will do it? (Like who? Jenge?? She’s as bad as me.) So, I just did a clean up of the fridge. Those of you who read Heidi’s Blog know that recently she was ruminating about growing her own penicllin, in light of that fact here’s a few tidbits for you Heidi!!
1. Mold does not grow on pineapple in tupperware, despite the fact that it has been in there for longer than I can remember. High acidity, I’m guessing??
2. Apparently, if you put enough garlic in garlic chicken and potatoes, it will not mold either, but it will come out of the container in one, perfect container shaped lump.
3. Ditto for stuff with cayenne pepper and red pepper flakes. That was my five alarm veggie chilli and it was so HOT even Portia wouldn’t eat it. Guess the mold couldn’t survive either, I know the roof of my mouth has never been the same. . .

And for the rest of you, some advice. . .
– If you don’t know what it is/used to be, don’t even open the tupperware. Leave in the fridge till garbage day and bid it a fond farewell
– If the dog won’t even eat it, you definately can’t!!
– However, keep the dog away, just in case. Portia once ate a straw, and that wasn’t good for her. She’d prolly eat rotten veggies in a heartbeat. Except mushrooms, she just likes to roll on those. Go figure. . .
– How much salad dressing does one really need? Anything over three bottles and you’re just showing off.
– Make sure you have a fresh lemon on hand. I garborated (sp??) lots of stuff and then found out I didn’t have a lemon to fire down the garborator after it all. Jenge just got off the treadmill, came upstairs and was like, ‘GAWD! What is that smell??!!??’ I told her, ‘Scary Fridge Day – nuff said.’

So, if you haven’t taken a peek into the depths of your fridge in a while, go grab some gloves and go forth and be brave. And if you’re sitting there thinking, “Yuck! I clean out my fridge weekly because I’m an adult!” Well, bully for you. Go drink some Ensure and leave the rest of us alone!!


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  1. Anonymous

    maybe portiathinks the mushrooms are MAJIC.LOL

  2. Anonymous

    hey squirrelly girl,
    i just want to know did the fridge cleaning happen after or before the visit to my house and did you find inspiration or reminder there???
    the godmother

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