It’s a rich man’s world!

Do you lie awake at night thinking about money? Do you wait for your next paycheque only to get it, cash it and then start thinking about the next one? Don’t get me wrong, I’m not hard up for cash, my credit cards aren’t maxed out and I do actually contribute regularly to my RRSP. But when it’s late at night and dark outside, I’ve got money on the brain.

Like I said, I’m not broke. But I’m always thinky-thinky about the $$ factor. Mostly because I want to buy buy buy! But I don’t let let let myself. So what’s on the Wish list, you ask? Totally non-essential items that I don’t need but none the less dream about!!

1. A 12*12 linen album for my scrapbooking (actually – I’ll need a few now)
2. Griffin iTrip Auto FM Transmitter and Auto Charger for iPod

3. New lipgloss (I’m SUCH an addict!) – but in my defense I recently finished three of my faves.

4. New perfume – I’ve already got it picked out too.
5. Shoes – sigh, shoes. I dream of pretty shoes with bows and sparkles on them.
6. Socks – where do they go? Why is it you put an even number of socks in the washer but get an odd number out. They tell you about the boogey man when you are a child, but NO ONE tells you about the Sock Eating monster. And it’s a lot scarier than the boogeyman!
7. A new winter jacket – The zipper is trashed on both of my coats, and I took the buttons of my long coat years (!) ago to replace them. I’m getting around to it, really. I’m wearing Jengie’s coat right now.
8. A new purse. Yes, I know, I have many, but I am bored with them and want a new one. Plus I spilled something on my current one. I’m not sure what it was. Looks like it was prolly coffee.
9. Music – I’m always trolling iTunes or HMV for something to catch my fancy.

So that’s the short version. But I’ve already committed my next paycheque to paying down Mastercard (why do those evil minions keep raising my limit? Bad Mastercard, Bad!). Sniff. So no shopping sprees for Gita in the near future.

Okay – maybe just one new lipgloss. C’mon, they are totally cheap!!


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  1. Mark Fournier

    If you are not willing to buy something for yourself you should buy something for Porche, something tells me that she would enjoy the IPOD charger in the car for the long rides to and from the pet-sitters. Really, it would be cruel not to get it for her.

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