It’s just a number!

So I keep telling myself. I turned the big 3-oh this year and felt the need to panic. I tried to do a reflection on my entire life to see where it’s been, where it’s going but then I had to finish my laundry and run the dishwasher. Do you ever feel like your life is getting in the way of life? And while we’re on the subject of numbers, let’s do a little math . . . .

Hours of sleep required a night by me – 8 (I know there are people who can get by on less but I’m not one of them – so shut it)
Hours spent commuting per day – 1.75
Hours spent a work – 7.5
Hours spent actually working – 0 (Kidding!! I work my #$% off!)
Hours spent in the shower, dressing and doing my hair and makeup – 0.5 (True story!!)
Hours spent making/drinking coffee – 0.5
Hours spent in bed cursing the alarm and pretending I don’t hear dog whining – 0.75
Hours spent eating – 0.5 (Seriously, I eat as fast as I can so I can either get to work, get back to work or drink more coffee)

So that leaves 4.5 hrs a day (theoretically) to do everything else. Which seems like it should be enough but lately. . . sigh.

So back to turning 30, why do I compare myself to everyone else my age and feel like the imaginary stick is coming up short? I have a job, I pay my taxes, shovel my driveway. So why do I feel behind? Unlike the communists, I do not have a 5 year plan. I’m lucky if I can find two matching socks in the morning. What’s with all the uber-young people achieving their entire life by 20 these days?? Everytime I turn around some young upstart has turned him/herself into a millionaire or invented the next huge dotcom or saved the world. Where’s it gonna end? Are you washed up if you haven’t split the atom with your bare hands by the time your 24? Who knows? All I know is I gotta do laundry right now if I want two socks that match tomorrow.


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  1. Ann

    I think you should write for a newpaper ala Sex in the City. I think people would love your column.

  2. Heidi

    I am with you babe! I am past the big 3-0 and I still don’t have a permanent job, split the atom, or have millons invested in my RRSP, or the next big novel hiding in my closet. This is why we manicures, so we can work our the evil envy of our souls in an hour or less.

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