Think you know what crazy looks like?

Crazy is a 50lb dog that wants to love you to death!

A dog that only gets 5 minutes with her favourite toy because she rips it to shreds and leaves stuffed carnage everywhere. A puppy whose favourite thing to do is spread herself across your bed and fall asleep, and then has the nerve to growl at you when you try to move her. She’ll take a grilled cheese sandwhich right out of your hands, eat your socks, dvd remote, maybe even a book or two. But when she’s a sleepy puppy and drowsily rests her head on your lap, you wouldn’t have it any other way!

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  1. Heidi

    Look at you! Now your blog is better than mine! 😉

    Looks great. I have added you to my ‘special links’ so that I can drop in often.

    I am also going to send this to Mark.

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