An Excerpt from the Diary of Lola

L. Beans

L. Beans

Dear Diary,

Rocky still doesn’t want to talk to me. Every morning, as soon as I’m out of my box, I run to him and try to snuggle in his fur, but he barks at me and runs away. I’m starting to wonder if he’s not just playing hard to get. Nah!

Portia is very bitchy grumpy lately. When I do my happy-skippy dance in front of her and try to nuzzle her, she has been growling at me. The mummies say I need to leave her alone at this time, but I maintain, this is the time I need to DOUBLE MY EFFORTS. So I dance more, add in some nibbles on her fur, and even wag my tail in her face. when she growls, I just look over my shoulder at her, show her my butt, and bat my eyes. I just KNOW I’m making progress.

Lately, I’ve taken to having dinner in my crate quarters. Although I’ve been rather off the puppy food lately. this morning, mummy Margarita gave me big dog food and it was SO MUCH BETTER than my stupid puppy food.

I got to sit next to mummy this morning and chew my bone, and when I dropped it, she picked it up for me. FIVE times. she must like it as much as I do.

Mummy Jennfur let me go Off Leash yesterday and I got run and play with another dog named Sophie. I had fun.

Mummy set up a twitter account for us. She said she would post it on her blog. We are all allowed to tweet no matter what Rocky says.

Love Lola



Portia and Lola are Besties [that’s Best Friends or BFF for all the lingo-less]. Lola sticks her ENTIRE head inside Portia’s mouth when they are playing. Portia lets Lola nibble on her ears. Portia shows remarkable patience when the puppy is pawing her. And Lola loves her some Portiacakes. Now if only Rocky wouldn’t LOSE HIS MIND and bark non-stop when they played.


A Post by Lola

Hi! I’m still new to this all and trying to figure some stuff out, but here’s how I think it goes.
1. Portia will play with you until Portia is done. And then she will growl. If you don’t back off immediately and show her your belly, she will lay on the smack down.
2. There is no telling when Portia will be done playing. Sometimes it’s five minutes, sometimes it’s 10 seconds.
3. If you walk away from your food bowl more than 5 times during breakfast or dinner, it gets taken away.
4. The best place to potty is the piano room. Paws down. although you get yelled at for it.
5. It is possible to jump off the bed when you get left there, but you have to really really really want it.
6. Mummy does not want to talk to you while she is in the shower.
7. The best water is in Rocky’s bowl, and no one drinks water from anywhere else.
8. I love Rocky. I’m sure he’s just playing hard to get.
9. Going down stairs is WAY HARDER than going up stairs, so it’s best to cry until Mummy feels sorry for you and carries you down.
10. You always get a treat when you go into the crate.