Yeah, I know

So I know I’ve been gone for a while. Why is it when you work out for three days in a row, it feels really long, but when you fall off the wagon for a while on something, it seems really short? I coulda SWORN I just blogged yesterday. And now it’s been almost a three weeks and I’ve got nothing to say.

Like most peeps, I’m crazy busy right now. I have my Real Job, and then in my spare time [snort!] I decided I wanted to learn how to do artificial nails. So I signed up for a course and that’s where I was all last weekend. I do have pics of my very first nail [done on mum’s pinky finger] but it’s on my crackberry which is allthewayacrosstheroomandI’mtoolazytogetit.

Today I did Jessi’s nails at work, no tips, just a color overlay. I was exhausted at the end! It’s a new task for me so I’ve got to concentrate super hard. Not that I’m not concentrating at my Real Job, it’s just that at Real Job, my hands and brain know what to do in tandem to get the work done, and with the nail thing, hands and brain have not yet worked out an agreement on who is in charge. Brain says do x y and z. Hands say “um, I don’t bend that way.”

Jessi has graciously agreed to be my guinea pig, so whenever I get some new stuff in, she’s getting it slapped on her nails. Today we did Midnight Velvet, a darkly veiled plum. The color is nice but it was a bee-yotch to apply as it took FIVE COATS to get a consistent color.

I’ve not done any writing on The Book, but I have been thinking about it. Which I guess is like when I was 7 and I wouldn’t practice the piano, I would just think about it and then lesson night would roll around and I would be so nervous on the way to class that my hands would get all splotchy and would almost break out in hives.

And I’m still going to bootcamp 3 times a week and Michelle is kicking our butts. HARD. She’s busted out all the good ones: Hills, Stairs, Gauntlet. oh, my legs hurt just thinking about it.

And I’ve started seeing a nutritionist. I’ve really never eaten this well in my whole life. On Sunday, I had Wendy’s and I actually didn’t feel good afterward. That has NEVER happend to me before. Ever. In the history of my fast-food lovin life. And I’ve lost 7 pounds and 2 inches off my hips, one of my waist. So snaps to me.

And I think that’s about it!


Bootcamp update

I’m trying my hardest to try my hardest at bootcamp. That means is that I’m generally thisclose to coughing up a lung. Wednesday, Michelle busted out the Gauntlet. This involves sprinting back and forth from pylons strategically placed and doing strength exercises in between. Did I mention the sprint exercises are also called “suicides?” Yeah. You get the idea.

Friday was circuit training, which was definately do-able, but it’s up to you how hard you work.

The thing with bootcamp is you’re ALWAYS uncomfortable. You’re not quite at the “I’m gonna puke” stage, but you’re real close.Which makes people wonder, why do I recommend bootcamp so strongly?

You see results. Results like you’ve never seen before. I mean, when was the last time you pushed yourself so hard you thought you would toss cookies? [mmm cookies FOCUS].

So even though there are times when I find myself gasping for breath, looking up a set of stairs and wondering how I’m gonna do it, I still recommend it.


Bootcamp Lowdown

So, as mentioned in the previous post, I am back at Bootcamp. Tuesday was my first day back and we did our usually fitness test.
1. How fast can you run a 1km?
2 How many pushups on your toes and/or your knees can you do in 1 minute?
3. How many crunches can you do in one minute?
4. How long can you hold “The Plank” [plank of death!]
5. How long can you hold “The Squat”

While my results were not as good as my last round of bootcamp, they weren’t as bad as my very first fitness test, indicating that while I’ve lot a lot of what I gained, I’m not back at square 1. Whoot whoot.

Although….. after the fitness test we started working out and by Wednesday morning, my legs were so sore I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to sit down on a toilet and get back up. Seems my legs had forgotten all about bootcamp. one of my fellow bootcampers [who is also back after a slight sojourn] noted that she thought she would need help getting her bra off after our pushup work out.

I was telling Michelle that her getting me fit has produced some kind of weird Trickle Down Regan-omics effect. Donna and I now go roller skating and for walks. And I’ve recently introduced the Thursday Nooner at work, where we go for a walk/jog/stumble around the neighboorhood. And while I still believe the over physically fit are peppering the world with LIES [“I just can’t function if I don’t get my 32 km run in!”] I have become a tentative believer in some of the propoganda. I find my body really doesn’t hurt as much when I’m working out regularly.

Back at Bootcamp and training for my next 5km!


Back to Bootcamp

Well, in December, I had to end my last bootcamp a week early, due to a business trip to San Francisco. and then my bootcamp instructor, the Awesome Michelle, went to go climb a mountain. No really. She’s that fit. And so I was going to STAY FIT on my own. and sign up for bootcamp the first chance I had in January.

Only then I didn’t. And I’ve been on a non stop feeding frenzy since Christmas. Like a “It’s the end of the world as we know it” frenzy. It’s been croissants for breakfast and cookies for lunch and cupcakes for dessert.

And I’m not one of those people who get physically sick from eating bad. Just emotionally sick. as in, WTF am I DOING?? WHY am I doing this? Don’t I have any self control? Oh, is that a left over croissant there, hang on…..

So, I signed up for Bootcamp again and tomorrow is day one. I’m only going twice a week this time, because it’s FRAKING FEBRUARY and cold, but I AM going.

Jessi and I have already signed up for a 5k in March, and I’m going to run it. So, it’s back to Bootcamp for me!