I’m just wrapping up the end of the first draft, and then two things happen – I go back to the beginning and start editing and it also goes out to my BFF/editor Donna for the “Yo, does this make sense mostly or is it a hot mess” initial read though. Usually, my first draft is rough, but I tend not to have too many plot holes or missing items – I don’t like to write out of order. I skipped over two scenes in this book and wrote one out of order, but other than that, I write from start to finish, so I shouldn’t have a hot mess when I’m done, but… I feel like I never know. I’m too close to it when I finish it to tell.


I’m still tweaking the book blurb [aka book jacket, aka the hardest thing I write, aka my least fave thing to do] but it should be ready shortly and then book 4 will go up for pre-order. I’m thinking a release date of June 7.

Unless it really IS A HOT MESS, lol. I will be eagerly awaiting Donna’s feedback.


4 comments on “Dry Spells Cover Reveal!

  1. Elizabeth

    OMG! Can’t wait for this to come out! I love Jade!

    1. margaritagakis Post author

      YAY! that makes me so happy to hear! Book 4 (Dry Spells) is in edits at the moment. I hope it lives up to your expectations!

  2. Mel

    Me too! I stumbled across your books and got hooked. I can’t wait to read more Jade and Lily. I’m so excited!

    1. margaritagakis Post author

      Thanks! I’m excited too! I’m also excited to wrap up Dry Spells edit and start the novella, Uncontrollable Burn. Jade has ~feelings~ for Paris, but doesn’t know what to do with them!

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