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It’s time for a status update on book 3 of my Urban Fantasy Series, Covencraft! I’ve been a bit behind in my writing over the last few months. There were some things, with some issues and some blah de blah but I’m back on the writing wagon! This weekend I’m with my writing friends in South Carolina and it’s always a really good jolt for my creativity and productivity.

I’m almost a quarter of the way into book three! My working title (which I sincerely hope ‘sticks’ because I love it) is “Double-Sided Witch.”

I’m still in the ‘setting up’ phase – where I’m positioning all my dominoes and getting them ready. I always feel like the first 2/3 of a book is this domino positioning and the last third is where, if I’ve done my job well, all I have to do is knock them all down. At this point, I’m predicting 90000 words for the book. I alternate between “OMG IT’S GOING TO END UP AT 130000 WORDS IF I KEEP UP LIKE THIS” to “SOB, THIS ISN’T GOING TO EVEN END UP AT 60000 WORDS BECAUSE I CANNOT PLOT.”

This is also the point where doubt sets in. Is there too much plot? Not enough? Is too much happening? Not enough? WHAT IS GOING ON?? lol. I find I just need to keep my head down and keep at it.

For those of you who have read Counter-Hex and expressed a love for Bruce (Jade’s lizard familiar), you’ll be happy to know that he’s back in book 3. For a guy who was only supposed to be in one chapter of Counter-Hex, he’s made himself a place in my heart and I’m happy to have him back in Double-Sided Witch.

I’ll keep you updated as go along!


11 comments on “Covencraft Update – Double-Sided Witch (Book 3)

  1. lisa

    I just finished reading the first 2 books. I can’t wait to read the third 😀

    1. margaritagakis Post author

      That makes me very happy to hear! I’m chugging away on the third one!!

    1. margaritagakis Post author

      thank you! the comments I’m getting here are inspiring me to work hard! I am at about 34000 words into book 3!

  2. Peggy

    Just finished the first 2 books and I’m very disappointed that the 3rd one isn’t ready yet!! I love the way you write, I got suckered in by the 3rd chapter of the first one and immediately bought the 2nd one before I was half way through! Jade is a love/hate character, or at least she was at first, but now I’m entranced (perhaps like Paris) and I’m waiting with slight impatience for the next chapter. Work hard! :o)

    1. margaritagakis Post author

      YAY! I’m glad you like Jade! Sometimes I feel like a mother toward her – she can be hard to love but she needs it so much! I’m working hard on book 3! Stay tuned!

    1. margaritagakis Post author

      I’m working on it! I’m hoping to have it done by January, which I know seems a long time away…. unless you’re frantically trying to write! 😀

  3. BHayes

    Just finished Counter Hex! I need to keep reading, is book 3 finished yet? I can’t find it on line.

    1. margaritagakis Post author

      YAY! I’m glad you liked it! book three, Double-Sided Witch is coming out June 2!! I’ll be posting on my blog when it’s out!

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