Seriously, you have GOT to read this article:
6 Writers Who Accidentally Crapped Out Masterpieces
By Shaun Grey

The best was, of course, number one – SHAKESPEAR:
Here’s some snippets:

Figuratively speaking, his works define the English language. And by “figuratively,” we of course mean “literally.” The motherfucker made up half of the dictionary off the top of his damn head. If you’ve ever said that something was a “sorry sight,” or that “what’s done is done,” not only are you an unimaginative hack, but you owe Shakespeare $10.

And as far as inventing half the English language goes, you’ve got to bear in mind that although Shakespeare was able to solicit some pretty sweet patronages from the nobility (once again, phat cash), the majority of his audience consisted of the filthy, unwashed peasants that packed the pit in front of the stage (theater-goers in Elizabethan England were in the unique position of being able to both see a Shakespeare performance and stand next to a donkey for three hours).

Go read it all, I guarantee, you’ll like it.

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Last Modified: April 7, 2009

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