It’s been promised by everyone that owns a PVR that, yes, the PVR WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE!! Even Donna, who hardly watched any tv, got a pvr and said it revolutioned her evenings! I’ve long been a champion of one, telling people to get one even though I myself did not have one. And I’ve wanted one for AGES.

So. Now. Here we are. I’ve got the PVR, I’m simply waiting for Shaw to call me back to activate it. [I even hooked it up self!]. Thursday is a show heavy day in our household. Jenge has Ugly Betty and Grey’s Anatomy. I have Bones and Supernatural. So it’s high demand time and we’ll be putting the PVR through it’s paces!

y’know, as soon as the cable company calls me back. Any time now. Like now…. or maybe now. I’m sure they will call me back any second. They assured me my call was VERY IMPORTANT to them.


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