Oh. My. God. It’s buckets of crazy here. Portia has decided she cannot stand downstairs. Downstairs is EVIL and BAD THINGS happen. and she MUST be upstairs. Even if she has no where to go but the hallway. The problem is, we put a baby gate up for Lola, so that she can’t go upstairs unattended [as she is still working on her housebreaking]. Portia finds this unacceptable and will paw at the baby gate. And eye the slats in the staircase, as if pondering if she will fit [she won’t. She’s a 60 pound malamute and the slats are 4 inches wide]. And then Portia starts to press her paw against the baby gate, testing how tightly we’ve put it in. This makes Rocky crazy and he’s taken to jumping up on my lap and trying to press himself into me. The worst was this morning when Portia was going through her routine when Rocky jumped up, TURNED HIS BACK TO HER and pressed against me. As if to say I CAN’T EVEN LOOK AT HER WHILE SHE DOES THAT. All the while, Lola is rolling around on the ground, chewing a running shoe. Until she decides that she wants to be in my lap as well.
Buckets of crazy. We’re all stocked up here.

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Last Modified: April 1, 2009

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