Don’t you find grocery shopping weird? you put the goods in the cart, to take them out of the cart, have them scanned and then put them in bags and BACK in the cart to take them OUT of the cart again and into your trunk. Can’t there be some way of scanning the groceries as they go INTO the cart and you bag them at the same time? then you could keep a running total of your purchase and put stuff back [by Minus Scanning it] if you were over. Alternatively, you could stock up if you were under.

And why do people need help getting to the car? you managed to shlepp those same groceries all through the store, and to the till but suddenly now you can’t push the cart [parents with small children are excluded from this rant]

But parents with small children you are not excluded from the next rant – control your kids. They do not need miniature shopping carts. They do not need to ‘help’ so they won’t act out. I neither helped my mother with the groceries nor did I have a small cart of my own to push, and I don’t recall ever EVER screaming like a banshee or crying hysterically in the grocery store or GOD HELP ME when we got home. [except for that time mum says I tried to filch a candy bar, but I was like 4 years old] [also mum, if I WAS a bad-ass in the supermarket, now is NOT the time to post it on my blog] [also, I’m not sure what would have happened if I had been bad. I was too afraid to find out. The not knowing was a terrific motivator].

Every deli needs a number system. or else we’re all standing around trying to figure out who is next.

I don’t need that many mustards to choose from. Thanks.

I don’t want to sample anything at the grocery store. Having worked at a grocery store as a cashier many moons ago, they are dirty and most stuff is getting touched by people. Except for the deli were stuff is behind glass. Plus, I did’nt go to the store to eat, I came to shop. Eating comes later when I get home.

Just because you see chips and cookies and pop and pastries in my cart, don’t you judge me! Sniff.

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Last Modified: January 31, 2009

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  1. Jenge

    I often ask for help out. Is this a crime? By doing so I am enabling a teenager to have a honest job and pay for their college education. Who knows that kid may one day be the one to cure cancer. But in reality when it is cold I don’t want to have to push the cart back in the mucky parking lot.

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