Ready to Kick some A$$ again!
I took Friday off of bootcamp. In light of my whole Hitting a Wall mental state, I just didn’t wanna go. In an act of true friendship, Donna mathematically calculated what percentage of total bootcamps I was missing if I cut out on Friday. Sniff. I was so proud of her! She knows I can’t turn my back on a mathematical argument! [FYI, I’ve only missed 4% of bootcamps = 2 classes].

So instead, I came home, walked the puppies, went to the home depot, picked up some paint for my nook, stopped off at the Bucks for some coffee beans and had an early night. I woke up yesterday morning and started painting my nook. I didn’t think about going for a run. I didn’t think about doing an exercise video. The treadmil never crossed my mind. I thought about painting and how much I liked the new color. And then I went to wall Mart. And then I painted some more. And then I had a 4 hour nap. And then I had a really lazy, long shower. And then I met Jenn M at Nectar, where I deliriously enjoyed a lemon tart with raspberries on top with a black currant tea.

This morning, after feeding the puppies, I went back to bed and slept in till noon. I did some more painting, and picked up some groceries. I cleaned my bathroom. I made up the guest room. I had another indulgent, drawn out hot shower. I put nice smelling cream on my feet. and now I’m chillin out [yes I said it, I’m chillin out!] waiting for True Blood to start at 9pm.

And i feel ready to go back to Bootcamp tomorrow and kick some A$$!


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