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It’s week 6 of my second round of bootcamp. Last Friday, I ran for 35 minutes without stopping. Today I ran to the stairs, went up and down them twice, and still was able to run back to the beginning.

We start our third round of bootcamp on Monday. Here’s what I have learned over the last two sessions:

1. You can go farther than you think you can.
2. You might not want to go farther. Sometimes you just want to stop. But you can shut up and do it anyway.
3. to get better, you always have to push yourself. And that’s uncomfortable most of the time.
4. It is worth it to get better. But man, somedays, it’s really hard to remember that.
5. The last five minutes is when it counts the most.
6. Some days, it’s just gonna suck. But that’s okay, because…..
7. Some days, you really feel great about yourself! And the world! and the person next to you! and… okay, you get the idea.
8. Sometimes, ice cream really is worth it.
9. Good running shoes really do make a difference.
10. no one at bootcamp cares what you look like while you are working out.


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  1. Anonymous

    Good for you for sticking with it, G – you look great! Wish you didn’t always have to change in the office though, it makes me, well, it makes me unCOMfortable and IRRitable when hear you struggling with your buttons and zippers – honestly. And in front of the Purolator dude, no less!! Floozy…

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