Affairs, Exile, Poison…Another day at Meerkat Manor!

I’ve seen the ads for this show over the past couple of months, and I have to say, I was dying to watch it. I tuned in tonight for 2 episodes on Access – and boy was it fun! The show follows a family of Meerkats, The Whiskers, as they try to survive. Narrated by Bill Nighy, tonight’s two episodes were jam packed!
Flower, the Whisker matriarch, exiled her daughter, Mozart for having pups. As the matriarch of the pack, only Flower is allowed to have kids. Mozart got beaten up and then exiled for having a litter. Alone, with no one to groom her, and no one to watch over her while she forages, can she survive??
Mitch, big bully pup of Flower, got greedy and stole food from another pup. But after eating too much scorpion, he go sick. Will he make it through the night?
Tosca, another of Flower’s daughters, also made the terrible mistake of having her own pups. She was beaten up and exiled as well. Luckily, she had Mozart to keep her company.
But then! Flower has a new litter of pups, and Mozart uses that small weakness to get back in the pack! Mitch survives the night! Tosca is still exiled. And in a terribly naughty move, Mozart hooks up with Carlos from a rival pack. Flower, too busy foraging after giving birth doesn’t appear to know – but the rest of the pack does. Will Mozart repeat her terrible mistake and give birth again?
Tune in to Meerkat Manor to find out!


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