I can’t remember if I’ve blogged about this already or not and since I only got about 3 hrs sleep last night I’m just gonna assume that I haven’t.
There’s a pic of my favourite counter surfer, Portiacakes. She regularly saddles up to the counter and checks to see if we’ve left anything in the Portia-zone. We usually now scare her off by placing some un-set mousetraps on the edge (she’s terrified of them) but recently, I forgot to put them back. Fast forward to 4am Saturday morning when someone started horking up something strange. Although squicked out by puke (I mean, who isn’t!) as a mum, I need to know what made my baby throw up! Was it the new food? Did she accidentally eat some weeds that I sprayed in the backyard? Has she found something that could really hurt her?
The answer is usually she got something she wasn’t supposed to get, and while it made her sick, it’s not harmful. But I can’t help feeling a little like a CSI as I try to figure out what was in her tummy. On Saturday, I could regularly identify the remains of a milkshake cup from the Marble Slab but there was something else in her tummy that I couldn’ t figure out and it’s been bugging me since.
Until I sat down at the computer this morning and Portiacakes came to join me in the office. She immediately went to the corner and started pulling apart something. I snatched it away from the Jaws of Death and have my 4am mystery solved. What was it that Portia had eaten in addition to a plastic milkshake cup, you ask?
A White crayon.
Another mystery solved by your local CSI Mummy.

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  1. jennie

    our dog Balin is infamous for his counter surfing. He once ate a whole meat loaf!! He was a hurtin’ unit that night!

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