I was thinking about my Grandmothers today. Not that I knew either of them very well, one lived in Nova Scotia, the other in Greece. But I was thinking how different their lives must have been from mine. As I walked from my car to the Sobey’s, I thought about how I was wearing leggings that, frankly, could use a wash. My shirt, hidden underneath my coffee stained coat, had a small hole in it. I wasn’t wearing socks and my runners were muddy and have seen better days. Ah yes! I was a vision of weekend lovlieness! So I was wondering what my grandmothers would have said if they could have seen me. I don’t know for sure, but I doubt either one of them were the pant-wearing type (unless we are referring to the rule of the household ;)). So would they have yelled ‘Brava!’ and applauded the freedom I can enjoy with my wardrobe, or would they have hung their heads in shame, telling the other dead grandmothers that I didn’t, couldn’t, belong to them?

And then I decided I was going to make dinner. So I bought pre-made garlic bread (bake in oven for 10 minutes), pre-made ceaser salad (assembly required), pre-made tortellini (boil for 10 minutes) and pre-made pesto (spoon on tortellini and toss). I thought, what would these two women who had to bake bread over a wood fire have thought of this? Would they be astounded by modern convenience, or would they just be disgusted that my idea of cooking is “assemble and re-heat”?

Yup, it’s a different world now from the one they lived in, that’s for sure. I wonder what they think of it.


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