Question Answered.

Sometimes I sautner on over to Portia and I say, “Portiacakes? How did you get soooooo lucky to be soooooooo good looking? Why are you sooooooo good looking? You must be one lucky puppy! Who’s a lucky puppy? You’re a lucky puppy!!”

She’s so good looking to distract from her fatal flaws.

One of them Mummy Jennifer came home to today.

Jenge called me at 3.30. . . .
Jenge: Are you coming home before greek class?
M: well, I’m on my way to my nail appointment now, but I’ll be home after that. Say, 5.30ish?
J: You better pick up carpet cleaner on the way home.
M: Why?
J[pause]: because there is projectile diarhea all over the stairs.
J: I dont know what happened. I’ll do the best I can but I got parent teacher interviews tonight.
M: I know. Um. Okay. I’ll take care of it when I get home.
5 minutes later phone rings again
J: It was Halls. Cherry flavoured Halls. A whole bag.
J: it’s not toxic. She’ll be okay. I don’t even know how you’re gonna clean it. I mean it’s. . . and it’s all. . . and there’s. . . I don’t know how you’re gonna clean it.
M: I’ll figure something out.


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  1. Jenn

    I didn’t think you could fix it but you did! At least I got some bernard callebaut chocolate out of it.

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