Hello, 911? I think someone murdered a Wookie in my bathroom!
Yuck! Ew! Ugh!
Listen, I’ve got a lot of hair and I shed as much as Portia does. What does this mean? It means that every once in a while I notice that the shower water is starting to creep up my feet as the drain slows down. And then I procrastinate. I hope against the natural laws of physics that all the hair clogged in my drain will go away on its own. I won’t have to do anything. It will magically disappear. Like matching socks in the washing machine, it will go the way of the dodo and I won’t have to lift a finger!
Except, I will have to lift a finger and drano, liquid plummer and Zap aren’t gonna cut it. Nope. I’m gonna have to unscrew the drain and clean it out. Shudder.
Such was the case this weekend. I was dying my hair and had to rinse until the water ran clean. Problem was, I couldn’t tell when the water was running clean since the drain was running slow. I was ankle deep in blood red water. Looked like a bad outtake from ‘Psycho’. So, I rinsed as well as I could and then got dressed and busted out the screwdriver.
Honestly, you’d think I was bald with the amount trapped in that thing! Why is long hair attached to a scalp so attractive yet the second that follicle is separated from your head it becomes one of the grossest things on earth? I’ll run my hands through my hair dozens of times a day and relish in the cool, smooth, softness of it. But get me to clean out a drain of the stuff and I think I might puke. And it’s all mine, I’m the only one that uses my shower. But I couldn’t help but wonder if someone had killed a wookie and disposed of it in the bathroom . . .

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  1. Ashleigh

    tell me about it, sista! as a fellow member of the long hair tribe, who lives with someone with as much hair as a wookie, i sympathize with your drain unclogging woes. instead of getting out the screwdriver, i actually pull mine out with a pair of specially designated tweezers… only after trying a full bottle of draino, a full bottle of liquid plumber, and a full bottle of some corrosive crap that eroded a bit of the metal on my stopper.

  2. Donna

    I hear ya Ashleigh. That’s how I attack the wookie too! While I have recently become a member of the shorter hair tribe, my roomate has hair like Margarita and it seems like I am attacking that thing every two weeks!

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