Knitworthy Moment: My First Sweater!
Hey gang! So I took up knitting last December and have dabbled in a few things, but this is my first person sweater (having previously made a dog sweater for Portia). One of the sleeves is a bit tight, but they are both the same length (which I’m told is fabulous for a first time sweater knitter). It has a hood (which is not really visible on the photo), a front pocket, and a generous heaping of dog fur knit into it (as everything I own has been loved by Portia).
It’s made out of alpaca wool, is deliciously soft and warm and was completed just in time for fall!

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  1. Ashleigh

    good job! you are a woman of many talents.

    p.s. even portia looks impressed.
    p.p.s. cute picture — first book jacket photo? 😉

  2. Mark Fournier

    I agree with Ashleigh, this is definately a first book photo. Looking good.

  3. Anonymous

    Are the sleeves the same length – or are your arms perhaps different lengths? Something to ponder. Seriously though, the sweater is beautiful. You are a woman of many talents.


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