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Ola compadres! Well, this weekend saw the Squirrelly Girly at her not-so-local tattoo parlour getting inked! Rick, the artist at Strange World Tattoo in Crowchild Square did a faboo job of bringing my ‘vision’ of the infinity symbol to life (yes, I’m THAT geeky). As an homage to my love for math, a nod to my fantasy-sci fi side and an acknowledgement of my personality, I decided to get a dragon eating its own tail, curled over in the shape of an infinity symbol. The dragon eating its tail is based on the ancient symbol, the ouribos, which depics a snake eating its own tail, as a symbol of repeating past mistakes. Got it done in my favourite color, pink, natch! It’s on my lower back and I’m quite happy with how it turned out!

I’d like to give a shout out to my mum, who after much (scary!) internal debate, I decided to tell about my tattoo. I braced myself for recrminations and possibly a lecture, but all mum did was chuckle and say, ‘Okay!’ Although she did mention all the years she kept my lowerback/bum clean and powdered only for it to be covered with a tattoo years later. Thanks for keeping the canvas in shape, mum!


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  1. jennie

    Tattoos are pretty addictive but I’ve never felt compelled to get a math related one…… but I guess if I had to choose one it would be

    lim f(x+h) -f(x)
    h—>0 ______________

    Ahhh savour the geekiness!

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