Where have all the good bands gone?

As I listen to the radio these days, I’m forced to ask, where have all the good bands gone? Who is the next U2? I don’t like the Rolling Stones but I can appreciate that they have stood the test of time and have legions upon legions of fans. Let’s face it, Keith Richards prolly made a deal with the devil for them to keep on going. How else do you explain the fact that he is still alive?

But I digress. The radio these days are full of catchy pop tunes and bands churn out a couple of good hits but none of them really have any staying power. I thought Matchbox 20 was gonna be the next U2 but then Rob Thomas went solo (although, Mr. Thomas if you’re reading this, you are a STAR!! Love your record).

But what’s with all the thirtysomething bands singing teenage looser songs? Sum 41, Blink 182, Simple Plan. . . There is only so long you can go on bee-atching about how mum and dad don’t understand you and school sucks before your fans will realize that you are 35, making millions off them and didn’t actually have an angst filled adolescence. But they prance around in front of the mike in their short pants and whine that no one understands them. Short pants, by the way are how you tell guys who are stuck in the teens vs guys who finally grew up. Men wear shorts, boys pretending to be grown up are wearing capris. I know that boys don’t call them capris, they call them board shorts (I think – I’m kinda out of the teen loop) but I’m sorry, honey, they are capris. If I would wear them with a pair of strappy sandles and a cute purse, it means they are capris.

I have some good bands I listen to, but I don’t know if any of them have the staying power I’m looking for. If you want to make a long term committment to a band these days, your choices are pretty slim. If you ask me, Green Day has the best chance. Dookie was a smash hit and after some good follow ups, they released American Idiot which I think has the most staying power. Don’t get me wrong, I like the guys of Green Day, but they are not U2. They are a poor man’s U2. A substitute for a U2-less generation.

So who do I listen to despite the fact that they don’t have legions of followers? Well, I’m a big My Chemical Romance fan right now, I like James Blunt (but he’s not rocking enough to be a rock band), I love Rob Thomas, I like Garbage (despite the fact that they have been in a popularity decline as of late). I miss Econoline Crush in their Sparkle and Shine days – Trevor Hurst where have you gone! Sob. And we’ll have to wait for the next Maroon 5 album to see what the verdict is. I like my Michael Buble and The Killers, but once again, we have to wait a couple years to see what’s gonna happen with them. And I miss my early 90’s Depeche Mode. Sniff.

Maybe I’m too outta touch with the music world. For all I know, there are millions of people out there ready to rip my throat out because I just trashed Blink-182. And don’t even get me started on Coldplay. Yes they are good, but they aren’t as good as everyone is telling you they are. Now they are just overexposed.

So I’ll keep trolling iTunes for the next band to keep me going.


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  1. Heidi

    Babe, I gave up on bands a long time ago! I just look for a sound now. I don’t care who the band is, just what the song sounds like. I guess I am sort of trampy that way – my heart belongs to no one. It belongs to a good beat and a catchy hook!

  2. Donna

    There was a time when I thought it might be New Kids on the Block (NKOTB!!), but sadly, no.

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