Amazingly enough, nothing too kooky happened to me today to blog about. And then I started to panic! Blogger’s Block! But I’m still a newbie! How can I have blogger’s block?

So then I just decided to yammer on about some stuff. And if you know me, you know if there is one thing I can do VERY WELL, it’s yammer on.

So, what’s it like in Margaritaville? Well, it’s pink. Very pink. In fact, pink is my favourite colour. People roll their eyes at me (yes, Donna, I’m talking about you!!) but I don’t care. I like pink. I look good in pink. Pink makes me happy.

I even went so far as only packing pink tops when I went on vacation last year and it was great!!
I have pink keds (which I had to buy in size 9 and a half since they didn’t have the ten, but they stretched out), a pink watch, pink purses, pink shirts, pink eyeshadow, pink lipstick, pink underwear, I woulda bought my cell phone in pink if those communists had let me! (See previous post). Of course, I don’t wear all this pink at once. That would be obscene! I sparingly pepper my day with pink.

Donna is what I call a pink-a-phobe. She fears the power of pink! ‘It’s so girly!’ She says. Well, this just in, I’m a girly girl. You know, alot of women fear pink. I think they think it makes them seem frivolous and silly, not as tough-as-nails as they want to appear. But I know who I am and what I can do so I have no fear of the pink. I EMBRACE THE PINK! I don’t care if when you see me in pink you (falsely) assume I don’t have two brain cells to rub together. I know I could kick your ass at mensa mind games! I don’t care if you think I’m a prissy valley girl, I know that I could rip a strip off you a mile wide and you wouldn’t even know some of the words I used.

So, don’t fear the pink. Embrace the pink. It’s okay. You’ll do fine.


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