oh, internets.

I mentioned in my last post that I have a yearly get-together with some friends. We sit. We talk. We laugh. We bond.

And then, we have to leave. And we get the post squee blues.


Oh, How I miss my squee people!

i’m so lucky to have such people in my life that understand me and are creative and ‘get’ how my brain works. Squee weekend is a time I get to hang out with those people 24-7, have fun and feel safe and understood. To go from that to the real world…. LOOOOOOONNNNNNNGGGGG SIIIIIIGHHHHHHHH

I’m  lucky to have these people in the first place. At times, I feel selfish and self-centered to want them year round!

other times, I’m angry and mad that having my squee crew on the regular is not the norm! HOW DARE THE WORLD FUNCTION THIS WAY!!???

Mostly, though, I just wish I were back in the conference room, at the  Grenville residence Inn, drinking coffee and sitting with my people, wondering if someone should make a run to the Bi-Low for wine or chips to get us through the night.

*flops on the floor dramatically*






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