As noted on my FB page, I’ve confirmed that the wrong file was distributed to anyone that pre-ordered Dry Spells or ordered between June 7 and June 15. The right copy is being distributed now for NET NEW orders. For those that already have a copy, Amazon has to review the corrected version vs. the incorrect version and they get to determine if the changes are significant enough to warrant pushing out a new copy to people’s devices. That review is expected to be complete June 24.

The changes are significant.

The version that went out was my FIRST finished draft with no edits done by me or my editor. It’s NOT the version I approved to go out. Amazon thinks this is due to some kind of conversion error.

All I know is, if you have already read the book or are reading it now, I’m so sorry. That is not the book I hoped you’d enjoy.

Thank you to everyone that contacted me about the typos/errors. Without your help, I never would have known it was incorrect.

If you’d like a new version from me, please email me at with your email addy.



2 comments on “Status Update – Dry Spells – unedited copy distributed between June 7-14

  1. Karen

    Oh I’m glad to read this! I read Dry Spells (and enjoyed it) but was definitely distracted by the typos (and was questioning your editor.. ha.) Glad to know it was just a glitch!

    1. margaritagakis Post author

      Definitely a glitch! Thank you for reading! And please email me if you’d like an edited .mobi file [or other format]. I can send one ASAP. my address is

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