I adopted Portia from the animal rescue foundation in December of 2003. We’ve been besties since although we’ve had our rough patches. As a rescue, she had health problems and pretty much had potty accidents until she was 6. As you can imagine given her size, this was no small issue. Pun intended. I know more about a host of dog maladies I never thought I would have to know. All to keep this cutie happy and healthy.

She’s a sweetheart. For all she looks fierce, she LOVES people. Way more than I do, that’s for sure.

She seemed under the weather this week so I took her to the vet. She ended up needing to stay two nights and so far, the early diagnosis is age onset liver disease. We’ll know more in two weeks when we go for follow up tests.

Here she is at the vet during one of my visits. You wish you looked this good when you’re in the hospital.

Like I said, she’s a sweetheart and I’m not sure how I’ll handle her going to that big kennel in the sky. Maybe we’re not there yet. But she IS 12, so if it isn’t now, it will be soon.

It may sound cheesy but she’s taught me a lot and I’ve grown as a person having her around! She’s definitely the better ‘person’ in our relationship. She wears her heart on her paw and gets what she wants!

So, I’ll be waiting to hear what her numbers tell the vet in two weeks but I can’t help but feel like all I want to do is stay at home and hang out with her now.

If you invite me somewhere and I say no, I want to hang with Portia, I’m serious. Unless you have somewhere to go that takes 70 lb dogs.


4 comments on “Portia – coming to the end?

  1. Jenn

    This is absolutely the worst part of having pets, especially such wonderful dogs. I hope that no matter what her tests say the vets are able to help her at least stay comfortable until she decides it’s time. And she will let you know.

    1. margaritagakis Post author

      [Sorry I missed this comment earlier!] – Yes, my key concern is making sure she’s happy and comfortable. Animals rely on us to keep a close eye on them because they can’t always tell us if they are suffering! So far, she’s doing much better, but she’s definitely a key priority for me right now!

  2. Sarah Madison

    She’s a lovely girl and you’ve already given her a second shot at life by adopting her as an adult dog. She’s been fortunate to have you–and I believe that different dogs come into our lives at different times for specific reasons. I think it was Mark Twain who said that ‘a dog’s only flaw is that he has such a short life span.’

    Hopefully the vet can help you decide a course of action that will keep her comfortable and happy for as long as possible. While 12 years feels like a blink of an eye to us, it is quite senior for a dog of her size. Love these pictures here of her–such dignity and love in that face. <3

    1. margaritagakis Post author

      I missed this! [actually I missed all the comments on my blog – facepalm] – she is doing a LOT better right now, but… as you mentioned, she’s a senior for her size. But I’m just so happy/grateful that I’ve gotten to know her! I really have learned a lot being her mum!

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