Can you guess what song I’ve got stuck in my head? Here, read the story I wrote to go with it and see if you can guess:

Some say the object is magic, but others say the better word is cursed.

It brings inanimate objects alive, forcing life into their bits and pieces. Corrupting nature’s work, making things move and shift where before they were lifeless.

It brings to life a creature that cannot stand the sun – a lumbering, dripping thing that leaves bits and pieces of itself behind wherever it goes.

It likes children most of all.

As is often the way with children, they don’t realize they are in danger. They don’t see the beast for what it is. They see  a plaything – an exciting new toy that wants to jump and dance with them. They are happy. They don’t know any better. Its heavy footsteps fall on the ground – thump, thump, thump. The deep tone leaving a sick feeling in those nearby – rubbing at their chests as if they could purge the sensation.

On the wind comes its voice, ‘Come play with meeeeeeeeeee.’ And then later, ‘Catch me if you caaaaaa-aaaannnnnn.’

Until the sun rises. The glorious sun, burning away the effigy, the wrong-thing, the perversion until all that’s left is a soppy, sodden mess.

And the words, ‘Don’t cry, I’ll be back again some day.’


Points to all of you that recognized this as FROSTY THE SNOWMAN!!!


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