Hi there! I’m new! I’m pretty sure my name is either Lola, or Lola-Leave-It! It’s hard to tell cuz I hear both of them a lot. My name might also be GO POTTY as I hear that A LOT too but I only hear that when I get turfed outside. and it doesn’t matter how much you cry or how much you shiver, you have to potty outside. I’m pretty good at it so far and have only had a few accidents. I’m not sure what that means but that’s what my new mums, Mummy Jennifer and Mummy Margarita, have said.

I like Portia. I love Rocky. But both of them get up and leave when I get close. I don’t know why. I just want to be friends. Everyone is super friendly at dinner time though. Both mummies stand around me while I eat and Portia and Rocky get super close to me then. I don’t know why, but the Mummies always chase them away! I would share my food if they asked! Sometimes when I see Portia, I just roll onto my back and show her my belly. It’s a pretty nice belly!

i like to sleep. but I don’t like to be alone. I’m always looking for a lap to crawl into. Today, Mummy Jennifer put me in my crate when she went out and Mummy Margarita had gone upstairs for a nap. I CRIED AND CRIED AND CRIED. Why would I want to be alone when I KNOW there is a human around? and Rocky and Portia don’t even care when I cry! they just keep sleeping. I don’t know how they can sleep through all the noise. Mummy Margarita said it’s enough to “wake the dead.” Well, I had to make sure she heard me! I’m so little! and lonely! and I really, really, really needed a lap to sleep in.

So it’s pretty good here so far! I’ve gone on some walks but it gets really cold outside and my belly drags on the snow. Mummy says I’m Low To the Ground. I have some sweaters but I really need a belly cosy. My mum said she’d make one for me.

Gotta go! I see a lap I can nap on!


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