I miss you San Francisco!

I had a great time in San Francisco last week. It was sunny. I wore a sweater and no jacket. I wore high heels.

And the shopping. Sigh. The Shopping.

You know, when it comes to retail, sometimes being Canadian is like being a younger sibling locked out of your big siblings birthday party. You have your face pressed against the window and inside you see lots of grown up things going on. Cake. Ice cream. Shiny wrapping paper. and none of it is for you.
Shopping in the US is like being invited into that party and smashing yourself nose first into the cake and mashing it all into your face and loving it! I saw Macy’s! Saks Fifth Ave! Nordstroms! Bloomingdales! Victoria’s Secret! Juicy Couture! Betsey Johnson! Bath and Body Works! DSW! [and now I’ve exceeded my maximum number of exclamation points for this blog].

Of course I was there for training so the days were spent in an office building behind a computer. But at night, Kristen [my partner in Crime] and I shopped! and Shopped. And shopped.
on our last day there, we went to Alcatraz and then the Aquarium of the Bay – which were both awesome. We had crepes for breakfast and soup and a sandwich for lunch. It was a fabulous trip!


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  1. Ann

    Sigh, SF, I love it there. I’m glad you had a good trip

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