I talked about it for years. Hemmed. Hawed. And finally, I made the Big Switch.

I got a mac computer.

I’d been interested in getting one for a while and almost got one a couple of years back but due to the price difference I ended up getting another pc. But lately at work, all of our computers had gone beserk-o. Chant’s computer crashed, then Char’s, then mine. Again. Third computer in 4 years. It’s not like I beat them with a bat on a regular basis, they just got fried. This last time we had a computer guy in the office trying to salvage my hard drive at work. And so I started bombarding him with questions. And then he said that he fixes pc’s all day and then he goes home to his mac. And he never gets service calls for mac. This was so interesting to me. But there was one thing holding me back. I have to log on to the government servers for my job using Nortel VPN and Citrix. I also need to use Summation [a litigation database]. And none of them work on macs…..

But, then computer guy told me an amazing fact. Macs come with a program called bootcamp. You get a valid copy of windows and bootcamp will partition your hard drive and you can run one part on mac, and the other on windows! I could have both! Plus I LOVE the commercials. I’m so easily swayed!

So I got my new macbook. His name is Percival. And he is very small [less than 5 lbs] and he is very cute. And I love his keyboard [which normally are a deal breaker for me as I have nails like eagle talons]. But my long nails aren’t a problem on Percy’s mac keyboard. I got my new copy of Windows Xp with SP2 [as that is what bootcamp requires] and partitioned by 250 GB harddrive with 32 GB for windows and the rest for mac.

Now, when I turn on my computer, I can chose if I want to boot up in Mac O/S or Windows. If I need to work, I boot up in windows and logon to vpn and then citrix. When I want to fiddle with my personal email or write or listen to my music, I fire up the mac O/S.

I’m still getting used to the mac O/S, but so far, it’s been a pretty easy switch and I’m very happy with Percy. I’m still transferring over my files as I need them, but that’s been a piece of cake too. My ipod, Mr. Big, is 80GB, which is the entire size of my old PC. I could have transfered all my files over at once, but once I moved my music and my writing, I figured the rest could wait. I didn’t want to junk Percy up with all my old crap. Only shiny new crap!

And there you have it. I’m a mac convert!


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