It’s Love!
Last Sunday I was sitting at my computer updating my ipod Mini. I must have blacked out for a few minutes and Evil Margarita took over, because the next thing I knew, I was printing out the invoice for a new iPod classic in black (I would have taken his picture, but my camera batteries are kaput). He arrived on Friday and it’s been love ever since. I named him Mr. Big, since he will hold 20000 songs! I don’t even know 20000 songs. In fact, my computer currently only has 1411 songs, but whatever. Since I got Mr. Big, I have spent about 8 hrs this weekend trying to find album artwork for all the stuff in my iTunes library. The only snag seems to be some sort of an iTunes glitch in which some songs will not let me modify the artwork, but I think I’m about 90% there. I’ve also downloaded two books to listen to on my morning commute. And I put my Mexico pictures on him so that I have somethign to cheer me up when I am sad about the monotony of work. And you know what? Mr. Big is not even 10% full. AMAZING! He’s so handsome and shiny. I will have to knit him a cozy so he doesn’t get my grimy fingerprints all over his shiny black and silver casing. I think he’s man enough to handle pink and chocolate brown.

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