Big Dog, Little Dog

I don’t think Portia knows she’s a big dog. She tries to cram herself into Rocky’s doggy bed (having destroyed her own). Paws, tail and head all hang off the side, but to look at her, that’s her bed now. And she’s afraid of cats. Cries and whines when she sees one (although this may have to do with the fact that our neighbors gave their cat a poodle haircut – you know, with the fluffy tail and feet, but shaved everywhere else). And we have a tough time sharing a queen sized bed. She tries to curl herself into the back of my knees, but you can see, paws are hanging off the side. She also tries to make friends with all the little dogs at puppy daycare, but as soon as she comes in, they all lie down and roll over on their backs to show submissiveness because she’s big! But she just looks at them like, “What are you doing? I’m a little dog like you!” She also tries to crawl under the fence to see the neighbors, but gets stuck. and she seems really surprised that she got stuck.
Maybe Portia knows what we all wish we could learn – It’s not your size on the outside, it’s how you see yourself mentally and in her mind, she’s a little dog.


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