Did it Self!
When my nephew was younger, if he wanted to do something on his own, instead of having help, he would proclaim “do it self!!” very loudly.

Well I’m proud to say that about my garden gate! Did it self!

Dad made me a fence for my garden, as Portia likes to eat plants, flowers, grass, weeds, plant food. . . you know. But he never put the gate up. Dad was really good at starting projects, but sometimes lacked the follow thru needed to fully complete a project. Especially the tiny finishing details.

And a year passed. And another.

And then Dad got sick. And then he passed away. . . .

So, I told myself it was time to do it self! I could install a garden gate! I found a half open bag of hardware in the garage! I have a math degree for crying out loud!

But I couldn’t make the pieces fit. And neither could mum. So I took a picture of my gate, and my bag of hardware and went to the home depot! Turns out, I was missing pieces, and the gentleman there showed me what the finished product should look like!

So I went home and put it up! I was so proud of myself, I could have burst! I called my mum all giddy, “I did it! I put the gate up!”

Heck, it’s been two weeks, and I’m still proud! I pull the curtain up on the window everyday and look at!


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