In the Wee Small Hours of the Morning

Okay, I’m a night owl, so anything before 10am technically classifies as the wee small hours of the morning. Since January, I’ve had a heck of time waking up. My alarm goes off at 6.15 – if I’m lucky, I’ll hear it and get out of bed before my alphabetically organized CD hits songs that start with S.If I’m not lucky, I wake up to silence meaning I have slept through the entire thing. And if I’m really not lucky, I wake up to Jenge standing at my door saying, “Hey, it’s 7.45. Are you going into work today??”

So Jenge has been my last resort backup. But she’s a teacher and about start holidays in July. Who’s gonna get Evil Margarita out of bed (because, dear reader, it’s evil Margarita who’s in charge that early in the morning and she DOESN’T CARE).

Maybe I can rely on the puppies to wake me up!

I’m so screwed.


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  1. Anonymous

    There’s 2 boys over here who could make sure you are up if you need a wake up call, LOL!!

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