It’s official. . .I’m a bee-yatch . . .

So the other day, I was driving down Macleod Trail. I was way up by Avenida, you know – where the speedlimit is 80km/h. And this joker in front of me was doing 50 (FIFTY!! OMG!! – so annoying!) . So I was FINALLY able to find a gap in the fast moving traffic and pass them. As I did, I noticed a sign on their back passenger window that said “Jesus Saved Me” and I kid you not my immediate first thought was, “Oh yeah, well too bad he didn’t teach you to DRIVE!! Moron!”

True story.


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  1. Ashleigh

    that doesn’t make you a bee-yatch. it makes you observant and insightful. 😉

  2. Anonymous

    That doesn’t make you a bee-yatch…if you say one Our Father, Three Hail Mary’s and One Glory Be.
    Mea Culpa Mea Culpa

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