I’ve got a bee in my bonnet!
So, Jenge has been given the task by our Greek teacher of emailing students who are missing and telling them the homework. However, Jenge is extremely busy this month with swimming lessons at the school, the drama production and her own greek homework and last week, she missed a student. When said student showed up at Greek class and didn’t have her homework done, she said it was because she didn’t get an email from Jenge. And the teacher said that Jenge had to make extra sure she emailed everyone.


Are you frakking kidding me? Those who are in the class KNOW that on an average week, we cover 4 pages in class. So if you miss, do the next 4 pages! If I miss, I dont’ even ask Jenge or Ann what I missed, I just work ahead. So far, no troubles. Why? because I am a (semi) intelligent adult and realize that if I miss class, I’m responsible for ME!

And if YOU are missing class isn’t it YOUR responsibility to find out what the homework was? Or work ahead? Are you telling me that you are 30-something years old and if someone doesn’t email you to tell you EXACTLY what to do, you can’t figure it out?? To me this is symptomatic of people not taking responsibility for themselves. Give me a break!!


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